Tamim El Zein

Tamim El Zein

Seedstars Africa Ventures


Before co-founding Seedstars Africa Ventures to support early-stage startups on the continent, Tamim has been himself an entrepreneur in Africa and has experienced first-hand the difficulties in the operational setup and financial distress entrepreneurs face on the Continent. Tamim is an entrepreneur at heart, having also been the COO of a tech startup in Europe, and he has been on both sides of the table, having led VC and M&A deals as an investor.

Tamim started his career as a strategy consultant in the innovation and telco industries, working mostly in the Middle-East and Africa region before joining the strategy team of a global, blue-chip company specialized in fintech, mobility, authentication and identity services, including in Africa.
Tamim regularly serves as an advisor and mentor to startups.

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