Code of Conduct

We truly appreciate the opportunity to host you at our event.
You can be rest assured that we will strive to make your time with us a memorable one. From experiencing technology in its various guises to making business connections which we hope will yield personal and professional benefits.
However, in return, we expect the highest standard of behaviour from our guests.
Please note:
  • Harassment, in any form, will not be tolerated. This includes, and is not limited to, harassment based on gender, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, age, religion
  • Any form of intimidation or aggressive behaviour is not permitted on any grounds
  • Any disruption of sessions or any other event is not permitted on any grounds
  • Exhibitors should not use inappropriate material in their booths and must refrain from the use of clothing or otherwise that creates an uncomfortable environment
  • Speakers and guests should not use inappropriate language, images, or any language or images that could constitute harassment or an uncomfortable environment.
We will not tolerate any disregard of our terms of conduct and expect participants to respect said terms.
Any disregard of the code of conduct requirements stated above will result in immediate action being taken by the event custodians. Immediate action will include, but is not limited to, a warning to desist from any aggravating behaviour. Event custodians will have the final say on the appropriate response to be taken.
Any other concerns?
During the event, contact a member of the event support staff for immediate assistance.

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