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Volunteers form the heart of any event and ours is no exception.

We hope you are as excited as we are to join a wonderful mix of talent. Volunteering not only looks good on a CV but affords you the opportunity to be at the centre of the action, build your skillset and meet new people.

To become a volunteer

Use only after you have joined the volunteer network and have been given sign-in credentials
Should you have additional questions about volunteering, refer to our FAQs or contact volunteer[at]tecxposition.com

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s simple, go to the website and apply https://tecxposition.com/volunteer-network/. We look forward to receiving your application.

All volunteers must be 18 years or over and may be required to provide a form of ID to demonstrate that they meet the age requirement.
We have a range of opportunities and areas volunteers can choose to work within – such as operations, media, hackathon, pitch and speaker concierge/support. Further information will be provided once you have registered your interest.
You do not require specific technical skills, however, basic IT skills will be a bonus. Training will be provided to all volunteers where there is a need for specific technical skills.
All volunteers will be required to commit to a minimum of two shifts each in their chosen area(s).
All volunteers will be placed in teams and allocated shifts on a rota basis. Your availability will be taken into account as part of this process.
We will aim to respond within 3 working days to provide further information on the application process.

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