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TecXposition was founded on the basic premise of demystifying technology so that businesses can ultimately increase profitability (through increased revenue, operational efficiencies) and communities can benefit through enhanced everyday living. There are so many tech domains today that can be leveraged separately or in tandem to deliver significant operational gains and benefits. A lot of the time we focus on one or two tech domains denying the opportunity to realize overall synergistic benefits.

Please visit the Buy Tickets (Registration) page for more information.

  1. Buy Ticket: Go to the Buy Tickets (Registration) Page to purchase your ticket
    • You will receive your ticket by email with details for:
      1. The mobile event app, which you need to download to your device
      2. The Virtual Experience platform, which you will need to log into to watch the event.
  2. Download Event App: Once you purchase your ticket, you will need to download the Event app. Once you have downloaded the app, you will be able to:
    • Create your profile and your interests
    • View the full event schedule / programme
    • Create a personalised schedule / programme
    • View several exciting features to deliver the ultimate guest experience.
  3. The Virtual Platform is your gateway to the TecXposition online experience. You will need to:
    • Use the details provided in your ticket (sent by email, post purchase) to log in to the Virtual Platform
    • Once you are logged in, create your profile
    • Your profile is important. Make sure the details provided reflect your interests, as it will be used to make session and networking suggestions.
  4. On the day of the event:
    • Log in to the Virtual Platform
    • You will be taken to the event landing page. From there, the world is your oyster. Listen, watch, connect, network, invest and enjoy the event.
    • That’s it, you are in.
Yes, there are a few things you can do on your part to make the most of the virtual experience.
  1. Device: Although most devices are supported, we would recommend you use a device with a larger screen. This could a tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.
  2. Internet speed: We would advise that you check your internet connection is optimised for livestreaming. You can check your internet speed using an app like They also provide a global index that shows mobile and fixed internet speeds by country.
We understand that this might still be the case even though the event is virtual this year. Please contact our logistics team ( for more information.

Yes, group discounts are available for parties greater than 10 persons. Please contact for more details.

Your ticket will be sent to you by email. Please contact us ( if you require offline ticket assistance.

Yes, there will be an event app. The app will be used to create your profile and interests, personalise your schedule (i.e. the sessions you wish to attend). Many more features will be available to enhance your user experience. However, we also have the Virtual Platform which will dictate play.

Please contact our support team ( for further information or assistance.

We have interesting and distinctive sponsor packages. Let’s explore together. Get in touch ( today!

We thrive on great partnerships and solid ecosystems to make exceptional business waves. Contact our Partnerships team ( to see how we can create synergies.

This is by and large by invitation only but do contact us ( if you would like to be considered for a speaking opportunity.

Volunteers form the heart of any event and ours is no exception. Visit Volunteer Network page for more information. Please note that places are limited for this.

No, we will not offer one-day tickets. You will either have full access to the virtual platform, speaking sessions and the exhibition
Unfortunately, we will not offer refunds post purchase. However, you will be able to re-assign your ticket (once only). You will not be able to re-assign tickets after the event has commenced.

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