Terms of Service

TecXposition is a service (set of services) owned and delivered by Bespectacled Ltd. This document outlines the terms and conditions of use. By using this website, you agree to wholly adhere to said terms and conditions.

1. Definitions

Brand: refers to the service name and trademark used by the vendor to promote and sell its services.

User: refers to an individual or legal entity that engages with the website.

Vendor: refers to Bespectacled Ltd or any of its agents.

Service: refers to a utility or group of utilities offered by the website and consumed by a user.

Platform: refers to the website but with an all-encompassing term that includes its ticketing feature.

Website: refers to and includes all sub domains and webpages.

2. Agreement

  • By using this site, you agree to use the site in accordance with its set out terms and conditions and policy requirements.
  • The site is provided primarily for the following purposes: provision of information related to the service delivered by Bespectacled Ltd, provision of a registration module for users to purchase services delivered by the vendor.
  • In using the site:
    • You agree to use the site in good faith and comply with its terms and conditions, as set out by the vendor.
    • You agree to maintain its integrity and not compromise its intellectual property in any way
    • You agree with our content distribution waiver.
    • You may create a link to the website providing the site is in line with the acceptable terms of use outlined in this document and will not put the brand in a substandard or disagreeable light. The vendor reserves the right to have any such link taken down without any prior notice.
  • In using the site, you agree not to:
    • Use the site in a manner that directly contravenes the outlined terms and conditions.
    • Use the site in a manner that is detrimental to the vendor, other users and the public at large.
    • Use the site in a manner that is unlawful or to promote any unlawful pursuits.
    • Use the site in a manner that suggests the vendor endorses or promotes a product or service, unless express permission has been obtained from the vendor.
    • Use the site in a manner that poses or presents a security risk to the vendor, other users or the public at large. This includes, but is not limited to, the propagation of malware or any harmful software programs.

3. Use of Names

The user may not make use of the name, logos, or trademarks of the vendor in connection with any advertising or publicity materials or any other activities without the prior consent of the vendor.

4. Data Sharing and Usage

  • You acknowledge that any data shared on the platform will be used by the vendor and its agents to deliver a full service in line with user expectations.
  • The vendor will take all reasonable steps to ensure that data handling is in line with its privacy policy.
  • Any data shared or submitted by a user must be factually correct. Any data submitted with the intention to mislead the vendor or its agents will have consequences.

5. Content

Any content created, captured or shared in the course of delivering the service will be subject to the terms of use outlined in this document.

The vendor does not assume responsibility for shared or obtained content and content obtained and used by third party platforms.

The vendor does not assume responsibility for the retention of user content submitted or shared on the platform.

6. Information Sharing

The user acknowledges that any information shared on the platform will be used by the vendor and its agents for normal business processing required to deliver the service.

7. Ticketing

Users may purchase tickets via the ticketing module available on the website. The onus is firmly on the user to provide accurate information for the sole purpose of issuing tickets. Users retain a one-time only right to re-assign a ticket to another user. This must happen before the event. No refunds are permitted.

The vendor reserves the right to cancel tickets and / or refuse admittance to the venue if the ticket is deemed to have been obtained in bad faith.

If, for any reason, changes need to be made to the service delivery dates, the venue or any material logistical consideration, reasonable notice will be provided to users via the website, email and any other communication channel provided by the user.

8. Third Party Vendors

To deliver a full service, the Vendor will partner with third party entities. These ‘third-party’ entities will be responsible for services like polls and surveys, floor plans and service applications. The vendor will not be liable for any issues or actions linked to said entities.

9. Termination

The vendor reserves the right to stop delivering its service to a user that has contravened its terms of use as outlined in this document.

The user can appeal any such decision with proof objectively demonstrating compliance with the terms and conditions outlined in this document.

10. Disputes

We will endeavor to investigate and resolve disputes in an expedient manner using our complaint resolution procedure. If, after using this process, the issue remains unresolved, we will aim to identify a mutually agreed way to take the matter forward.

The vendor reserves the right to halt, modify, for a time or completely, the services it set out to deliver. Reasonable notice will be given to users to avoid any inconvenience.


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