Khaled Ben Jilani

Khaled Ben Jilani

Senior Partner,


Khaled Ben Jilani is a senior partner and a member of the ExCom of AfricInvest. He oversees the Innovation and Financial sector teams. Since joining AfricInvest in 2001, Khaled has been involved in the structuring, fundraising, and management of 3 PE and VC investment funds and has overseen >30 investments across Africa in innovative companies and in financial institutions.

Khaled is also a start-up ecosystem activist that has advocated for simpler regulations and laws for startups and has helped governments draft start-up and VC friendly laws and regulations. He is also an angel investor. Before joining AfricInvest, Khaled was an analyst at Barclays Bank working on European payment systems, a developer in a Tunisian venture where he designed RTGS and Net payment systems now running in 18 African countries, and a tech strategy consultant at Proxicom, a technology consulting firm in the US.


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